domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2017

video animation_ HD_ 7'21'  
2017 - 16:9 - color -stereo
Videos from the projection in the dome at Madatac festival, 2017 Madrid


A view from my garden, with flowers, wind and "birds".

FROM MY GARDEN is not a film, but a technological Fresco!
it was conceived has as a "Technological Fresco",the contemporary mural like those from Renaissance, and it can  be seen all around, by the four sides.

created-directed-produced by   Anabela Costa
music by                                           Frédéric Mathevet
animation-FX-edited by                        Anabela Costa

scientific advisor                                                 Evelyne Lutton

ANIMATION- use of a special experimental software ARTIE and After Effects

This film was possible by the use of a INRIA experimental software with which I work for the image generation and moving image generation.